While bumbling through photography over the years, from early beer-tography to more recent scenic and wooden photography, one theme remains the same throughout:  Blurry Backs.

I love a good photo with a blurry background.  On my old Canon ELPHs, I used the “macro” preset to achieve this effect.  Only until I started researching SLRs did I learn that it’s the direct result of a low depth of field.  Low-DOFs, perhaps?  Nope, the word you’re looking for is Blurry Backs.

I always wanted an SLR but could never justify the cost or impracticality of one.  Only until my hand was forced with a failing point-and-shoot — as described in the first post — did I finally give in and buy my first SLR.  So while I’m new and horribly inexperienced to SLR photography, I remain very enthusiastic about my new camera!  The purpose of this blog is to illustrate just that.

I’m bringing blurry back.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello, great images! I was wondering if I could talk with you about using one of your Great Wheel (night) image for an ad campaign that we’re working on. I’d greatly appreciate it if you would contact me about that. Thank you!

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