Fire Orbs on the Beach

There’s no denying that I take my lady friend on the most romantic Friday date nights. In fact, it was just last month that we went on a romantic walk on the beach. The moon dimly lighting our path along the shore, the waves peacefully crashing as the tide crept back to the deep…It was obvious: conditions were perfect…

…for FIRE ORBS! It’s business time.

From the crappy composition and partial blurriness, you can see I’m still in experimentation mode, but I wanted to share my followup to my earlier steel wool post. The purpose of this test was to experiment with 3D “orbs”, rather than 2D rings. Evan at is the master of all things photographically awesome, but the gist of making a 3D orb is to:

  1. Pick a spot on the ground (like a rock or stick or whatever)
  2. Spin the cable, trying to cross over the spot as consistently as possible
  3. Rotate body your body around the spot
  4. Avoid hitting self in head with fast spinning whisk on fire.

First Orb Attempt with Small Whisk
NOTE: Too close and I’m pretty sure this is the one when the hot whisk wacked me in the head. 🙂

Next Orb Attempt with BIGGER Whisk
NOTE: The actual orb is about 5′ tall, so the sparks are flying about 20′-25′ high

Orb experiment just using a flashlight in “torch mode”

This is not an orb…just a picture
I liked from the same evening.


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