Train Spotting

A wise friend once told me that the rite of passage to Artistic Photo Maturity (Photurity?) was marked by the photographing of train tracks vanishing into the distance…in sepia tone. And while we laughed at how silly that would be, were it true, I quietly yearned for the gift of train photos…but, you know, ironically, of course. 🙂

I haven’t been on a train in over a decade, but on my last trip to Seattle, I decided to ride the rail. I’m not a big advocate of roadway idiocy, so this was a relaxing break from the usual southerly drive. However, I can’t help but feel Amtrak isn’t using their engines to their fullest potential, as I’m pretty sure I saw Cecil Turtle stroll by our railed convoy as we slowly rolled through southern BC. 5 hours to Seattle? Really?

It did, however, give me the opportunity to art it up and experiment with photographing trains…

I like that it’s not just a movie thing and someone actually hollered, “All Aboard!”
However, I was sad that it was not Ringo Starr.

ummm…yeah! Now that I’m sitting here!

Honey Bucket? Seriously?!

I did it!! Token photo of train tracks vanishing into the distance!
Wait, what? It needs to be in Sepia Tone?!

Bald eagle flying beside the train


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