Sleepless in Seattle

For the past couple years, business trips to Seattle typically involved a 6am wakeup call, a 3-hour drive to Cobain’s nirvana, then a few hours in meetings and immediately followed by our rushed departure in an effort to frantically avoid the ridiculous traffic that is Seattle’s…

Not this time, my friends.  I had a couple really productive days in the office, a couple really productive evenings in the bars, and a solid Saturday morning of the Hangover-Stagger through Pike Place.  Sam and I had a wicked trip to Seattle!

I took some photos, for better or worse…but these aren’t particularly thematic, at least not as they’ve been in pasts posts.  However, seeing as Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I’d give you a reprieve before I start flooding this blog with photos of wickedly tacky decorations and brilliant Christmas-lit blurry backs.

Behold.  Random Pike Market candids.

Pike Place Public Market

The Saddest Robot the World Has Ever Seen. Sad Robot. 😦

This was in an insanely busy kitchen store at the Market. I call it…Kitchen Drama!

The Original Starbucks and Seattle’s thriving indie music scene

No reason. Just thought it looked cool.

Weird Freakin’ Broccoli

Christmas is coming…

It’s a Pike Place Street Lamp.

Random Alley Signage

The Tin Man


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