Deer in Flash Lights

I took a stroll with my camera to meet the island fauna earlier this afternoon.

…I’d say I went to “shoot” the local wildlife, but I suspect PETA would be up in arms.

This “blurryback” is perhaps TOO blurry-backed…but look closer.  There is most definitely a deer on the left.

You gotta ask yourself, “Do stags typically charge the photographer?”


3 thoughts on “Deer in Flash Lights

  1. Wow; how did you get that one where the deer is running to have the deer in focus but everything else blurry? Were you running sideways yourself?! Awesome!

  2. I was riding on the back of the other deer. 🙂

    Nah. It happens if you can follow the deer with the camera (while standing in one spot). With a slower shutter speed, you’ll get a streaky image. The trick is to move the camera at the same speed and position while the shutter is open, and the subject will remain more-or-less in focus…like some sort of full-motion blurryback. 🙂

    But the more I think about, the more I think this was just a lucky shot. 🙂

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