Reflecting on the Dock of the Bay

It started as a long overdue trip to the island to visit my family, but quickly became an epic failure in ferry travel, leaving us stranded in the desolate, moonlit Bay.  While the misfortune of having to deal with the societal tools in the Ferry’s employ had left me tempered, I salvaged whatever inner peace I could and turned it into more of  a photography field trip.

Admittedly, it took all of my might to resist the temptation to timelapse.  But not tonight, my friends.

Instead, I wanted to focus (hee hee!) on capturing reflections in the water using a slower shutter speed.  But don’t mind my utter lack of proper composition and blatant disregard for the “Rule of Thirds.” One thing at a time. Baby steps.

I’d also like to point out the first photo, where my naturally rambunctious Lexy is uncharacteristically calm while I attempted to take a long exposure with her in it.  Go ahead!  Click and zoom in to see just how still she was for over 10 seconds!

Lexy! Shutter=6s, Aperture=f/5, ISO500, 18mm

The Boathouse. Shutter=15s, Aperture=f/10, ISO1000, 52mm

Mooned. Shutter=10s, Aperture=f/9, ISO1000, 18mm

Framed Marina. Shutter=10s, Aperture=f/9, ISO1000, 18mm

Totem Pole. Shutter=10s, Aperture=f/9, ISO500, 25mm

The Lookout. Shutter=6s, Aperture=f/10, ISO500, 24mm


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