EnergyStar Compliant House

Oh yes.  Yet another startrail.  Only this time, I gambled with the criminal element, the bears and the impending rain, leaving my unprotected camera in the backyard in an attempt to capture the warming radiant glow of the house as the foreground for the spiralling stars…and my spiralling Energy meter.

I was able to get over 200 shots before I caved to the ominous clouds that threatened the storm of later that evening, as the timelapse video illustrates.  Unfortunately, even the wispiest clouds that started appearing in the first 15 minutes will break the isolation of the startrails, so composite image is only made up of 40 frames.

233 frames @ 35s intervals x 30s exposures (about 2.5 hours)

40 x 30s intervals, Shutter=30s, Aperture=f/9, ISO500, 18mm


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