Life as a (Honda) Elephant

I am the Honda Elephant. I have the appearance of a box on wheels, and yet the fuel efficiency of a box without wheels. Most of my days are spent lounging about on 50-year-old asphalt with my 4-wheeled friends, the sun at our backs and a cool fall breeze through our undercarriage. We are the watchdogs of the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, with the cost of food being what it is, I certainly don’t get out as much as I used to. I long for those days when you could run down to the corner store and buy a litre of anything you wanted for just 30 cents! These days, you’d be lucky to find a 5-litre jerrycan for less than $7! My friends are getting smaller and the urban sprawl growing larger…I am but a relic of a different time.

But today was different. The morning sun was just peaking over the ridge when I woke up to find my Rider giving me a relaxing face massage with the comforting exfoliation of my favourite Canadian Tire brush. He wiped the frosty sleep from my eyes, gave my back a little scratch, cranked the heat and thus began our morning adventure into the City.

[youtube: second intervals x 620 frames @ 20fps (1200x)
Shutter=1/100s, Aperture=f/4, ISO200, 25mm

Morning cracks the eyes of the Elephant


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