Star Trailin’ Magick!

What I really want to try is setup the camera pointed up from the yard toward the house, getting a nice incandescent glow from the lights, while the stars trail above the roof.

However, given the recent bear activity in our neighbourhood, coupled with racoons and hooligans, I instead made another startrailin’ attempt with a bit of the deck in view, just for a frame of reference. This was taken at 35s intervals for about 90 minutes on a much clearer night.

Intervalometer @ 35s x 140 frames (Shutter=30s, Aperture=f/14, ISO1000, 18mm)

I composed the first startrail I posted using a Photoshop “action” to automate much of the process. It was slow and inefficient (as Adobe can often be) and lacked versatility and control.

And so, having a long-standing passion for coding and all things command-line, I opted for my second attempt to be the result of a couple star photos, a little source-compiled ImageMagick, and just a hint of command-line scripting!

While the script created the composite in much less time and with a smaller memory footprint, it also allowed me to create the intermediate frames for some interesting timelapse effects. The movie below isn’t super exciting, I thought it lends itself as a good proof-of-concept for the potential of cool timelapse videos. I do love a good script.


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