Sky Rockets in Flight!

Winter is coming. And with the days getting shorter, it’s been pretty tough to get home early enough to do any woodworking before the sun goes down. Fortunately, my most recent hobby seems to have a bounty of night-oriented activities available to it.

Behold! The Star Trail!

Bear in mind, this is my first…serious…attempt at it. It is preceded only by my first not-so-serious attempt, where I captured a “star” streaking across the frame…in a single 30-second exposure. It was perhaps not a star.

So back to the serious attempt. I was using a 30-second exposure, f/10 aperture and ISO 800. Below is the combination of 68 frames shot every 35s over the course of 40 minutes…approximately the amount of time I was willing to leave my camera unattended without worrying about the rain and raccoons and, recently, bears.. 🙂

Intervalometer @ 35s x 68 frames

It was also unfortunately a bit overcast which, with a 30-second exposure, becomes very overcast. I’m wondering if I can drop the ISO a bit and shrink the aperture a little more, so there’s less city light pollution reflecting off the clouds.

Anyway, I thought it yielded some pretty cool results, despite it being such a quick and haphazard test. I know, I know, Jav! Shoot in raw! I actually did, but sadly, I don’t think I have the tools to actually do anything with them. 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Intervalometer Frame #3. Shutter=30s, Aperture=f/10, ISO800, 26mm


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