Simple Drama

I love a sharp silhouette photograph. It’s simple and dramatic.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but as near as I can tell, I want a faster shutter speed with a small aperture. Normally, this would produce a very dark image, allowing only a minimal amount to reach the sensors. But with a very bright light source behind the subject, I’m gonna venture a guess that it’ll naturally underexpose the subject producing a silhouette.

That being said, I have a feeling that, for a proper silhouette, I would need to manually change the exposure…something about metering? Beats me! A lesson for another day, I suppose. 🙂

Anyway, I took a walk around the Quay after work earlier this week to see what I could learn.  Here are a couple photos I took, if you feel so inclined to have a look. I think I mostly shot at 1/80s shutter speed and f/10 aperture.

But here’s something weird…there’s a picture below that, whenever i see it, I think Top Gun. Remember the scene after the young Meg Ryan and Anthony Edwards are singing “Great Balls of Fire” at the bar?  Followed by the awkwardly cheesy scene with McGillis and Cruise and a hint of Berlin?  This was generally the point at which my mom diligently covered my eyes…when everyone knows it was the ears that should have been shielded from the Berlin!

Well, in the morning scene after, when Iceman and Maverick are neck and neck for the Top Gun trophy, there are a couple silhouettes of the watchtower and scaffolding. Is it weird that the photo of the crane on the horizon reminds me of this scene EVERY TIME?

Arguably, the most disturbing fact is how well I know that movie. It is perhaps a bit revealing into just how many times I’ve watched this guilty pleasure. 🙂

Redden up the sky, throw in some heat distortion and you have yourself a highway to the danger zone!

Cranes at the Quay


If this were Manhattan, I’d be looking for my proton pack right about now…But, honestly, who you gonna call?

Pampas Grass

Patio heater? Or really small UFO…attached to a propane tank?


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