I’m not terribly heartbroken…

From humble beginnings of a basic Minolta point-and-shoot, I developed — that’s right, I said it — a fondness for photography at an early age. And while I’ve never been so skilled or wealthy enough to warrant owning a proper SLR, I’ve invested in a long line of film and digital point-and-shoots, spending years perfecting the art of beertography, the historical documentation of one’s alcoholic plights and endeavors.

Tandem kayak in front of ship

Unfortunately, my Canon Elph that had served me relatively well for the past 5 years didn’t fair too well during a kayaking trip in Ketchikan/Alaska last month. It was still taking pictures by the end of the paddle, but entirely blurry ones. And later that day, it stopped taking pictures all together.

First sign of water…

Fortunately, a glass of red wine spilt on it later that evening miraculously fixed it…in a manner of speaking. It was now able to take exactly one photo…which would be taken automatically, immediately after the camera was turned on. So…not exactly the most convenient way to take a photo.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t terribly heart-broken about my camera. Yeah, perhaps it came at the inopportune time of midway through our cruise with plenty of photos still be taken. The fact is, it was a pretty freakin’ amazing day to spend on the Alaskan waters…but more importantly, it was clearly time for a new camera! And as luck would have it, my iPhone takes a far better photo than my Canon did! Why do I need another point-and-shoot if I already carry one around everywhere I go in my phone?!

iPhone seems to handle action shots just fine…

And so I took the plunge. I have purchased my first ever SLR.


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